Daniel Gallagher (15 August 1986), born and raised in Fife, Scotland. Is a multi disciplinary artist attempting to create vibes and moods, primarily using Videogames, Prose and Photography.

Technical lead with 15+ years experience in the digital creative industry, making games and apps for a variety of clients in C++, C# and Swift.

Noteable work

Dead Man’s Phone, Snipperclips, Until Dawn, Assemble With Care, + more...


            House of wire is a label started by Daniel Gallagher and Nathan Gallardo around 2015. Nathan since left to do his own thing.

Releases to date
Prowl:  Dark jazz and rainy streets.  Featuring a heavily modified version of Duke Ellington's The Mooch.

Trawl: Trawl the sea to discover what secrets are hidden in its depths and record your findings on your typewriter. 

Passing Time: A meditation on the life of Robert Rowan.

House of Wire
London, England